I was drawn to it because it was unique and I had never seen anything like it. I also loved how much emotion it creates without really seeing any faces or strong emotional expressions. I love and am very drawn to all of the images that have strong emotional expressions and really hit you in the gut with feeling but I also love the power of an image that can create so much emotion subtly with light, tones, lines, composition, and body language. Really powerful.


I love everything about this image. From the moment I saw this image, my heart leapt with an innocence and bliss that reconnected my soul to my 5 year old self. This image invites me in with the perfectly soft tones of the lines and pattern of the pews and dissecting balloons. Then my tummy gets a tickle when my eyes meet the beautiful highlight on the child holding his balloon ever so slightly lower than the rest of the others, like he is waiting to give it someone or trying not to be noticed having taken it off the pew, holding perfectly still. Great seeing by the photographer. Love it.


Tara Theilen 

Jury member 14th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography

Photo by: Susan Noëlle-Benjamins








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