''This was my favourite photo. It really captured me because every single person in the photo is super happy apart from the elderly lady.''


''Part of me wants to know what they’re all looking at but that doesn’t detract from a really great image, perfectly captured and framed and really nicely edited in black and white.''


''The old lady, I imagine a grandparent of either the bride and groom, is surrounded by much younger people all vividly enjoying the moment while she sits there with an expression which suggests she’s seen it all before. It makes me wonder what she’s thinking.''


''I often think old people enjoy weddings in such a different way - knowing they are approaching the end of life and seeing their loved ones live through milestone days like weddings brings them more pride and contentment as opposed to joy and happiness, and maybe a little sadness seeing their grandchildren fully grown up. I see all this in the face of the old lady.''


''A beautiful capture which will surely be treasured by this bride and groom.''


Adam Johnson

Jury member 11th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography


Image by: Jesse van Kalmthout


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