''Not sure if this image is going to win an award. It may look easy, common, or nothing exceptional to a first look. But let me pick this as my favourite one, because it tells something interesting about the photographer and summarises a lot of things I love to see in a photograph:''


''Content: there is something true happening, and strong emotions in it. The subjects are all caught in the apex of their actions (gestures, emotions, attention).''


''Composition: I strongly encourage the use of layers and multiple subjects in photography. I myself tend to tell more stories in a single photo when I shoot reportage, and here your attention is invited in a journey that touches every character in the picture. The subjects are very well framed and the frame itself is full enough.''

''Colours: the use of color helps reading the image clearly. Today we often attend an abuse of black and white, even when it’s not needed or when it makes things worse. Choosing colors meant being honest. This same image wouldn’t have worked as good as this in black and white.''


''This is a honest image with an intent, and it’s done with mastery.
An image like this requires research, attention, reflexes and, most important, culture.''


Alessandro Avenali

Jury member 11th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography



Image by: Indra Simons







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