Usually we only post award winning images on this blog. But hey, what can we do when Dennis Berti says this was his favourite image of all submissions? This image had only one vote from the three jury members, so it didn't win an award, but that doesn't mean it's not a great image. And it also doesn't mean that this image can not win anytime in the future. Here's what Dennis Berti had to say about this image from Ruud Claessen.

''As wedding photographer we are supposed to tell the story of a couple and everything that's happening around them. Of course we shoot family photos, portraits etc, but most of the day we catch moments..''


''And this is a terrific one.. I love everything about this photo: the perfect moment captured (identified by the bottle cork in the air in the right spot and the kids ready to catch it, especially the girl at the right who is perfectly balancing the frame), The black and white is great, lovely tones and it perfectly tells the story, thanks to the person in the foreground at the left.''


''Congratulations to the photographer for being at the right place and shooting with the right lens. It's a great image that I'm sure the couple and the kid's families will love.''


Dennis Berti

Jury member 10th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography


Image by: Ruud Claessen

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