It is really hard to choose only 1 picture amongst all my selection. I received 1452 images, selected 106, and just select one to talk about was even harder. I had 5 finalist images but finally selected this one, because it has several aspects that draw my attention. First of all, it is a nice moment, and really well captured. I can imagine the couple and their guests are watching a slide show, everyone is smiling and the bride almost can´t stop her tears and laughter. This will be an image that will make them remember this precious moment all their lives. Then, the colour of the picture is really nice, it respects the ambience light, and also it is really well technically done, the flash at the bride and groom, a job really well done, and I always appreciate this. And the composition shows me the environment, tells the story, shows the venue, the ambience, the feelings. The first thing my eyes do when I see this picture is going to the bride and groom, I love their expression. Then my eyes wander around looking at the expressions of the guests, the smiling woman in orange, the concentrated one, the couple... and so on. Then I find this guy at the mid-right corner of the picture, he makes me look back to the bride and groom: Boom! just perfect!

 I wish I was the photographer of this picture!!!! Honestly!!!! 


Photo by: Leonard Walpot

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